Become a Partner Agent

YourDRBroker works with a hand-selected group of outstanding agents in each real estate market in the Dominican Republic. We are seeking partners who are proven local experts, passionate about client experiences, and well-versed in the buying process. In exchange, we connect you with highly qualified referrals.

Does this sound like you? Continue reading to learn more!

Benefits of Working with YourDRBroker

The significant benefits include:

  • A referral fee-based partnership
  • No continuous or monthly costs
  • No pay-per-lead
  • Access to qualified referrals 

We believe in true partnerships with real estate agents. Whether you are in a hot real estate market like Punta Cana, La Romana, Sosua, Cabarete, and Puerto Plata or somewhere more relaxed, we want to learn more about you and whether you can help our clients.


There is a small upfront registration fee associated with becoming a YourDRBroker partner agent which covers the cost to set up your agent CRM account. After that, we only make money if one of our clients buys, sells, or rents a home through you. That way, you only pay when we help you create transactions.

We do not believe in pay-per-lead, advertising, or monthly fees. Instead, we believe that partnering helps both of us.

What to Expect from YourDRBroker Clients

Smart – YourDRBroker clients know what they want due to their extensive research

On-board – YourDRBroker clients want to work with you as they have already reached out to us

Rewards – YourDRBroker clients are surveyed for satisfaction, and your exceptional work is rewarded with more referrals

Steady – Once established, you could receive a steady stream of clients to work with

Become a favorite – YourDRBroker pairs more clients with favorite agents, and top agents sell 1-3 homes a month with our clients

Who Should Register


YourDRBroker partners with experienced agents in their local community. We require at least three years of experience but prefer at least five. This requirement ensures you have the expertise clients need.


During the registration process, we request your testimonials and verify them to ensure that you are a good fit. The more testimonials you can supply, the better your chances of being accepted.


We require our real estate partners to be experts in the communities they serve. Not only do we expect you to know the rules and regulations, but we also want agents who understand the people in the community.


YourDRBroker collects feedback after each client works with you. We will share this feedback with you so you can adjust for future referrals and deliver the exceptional experience we expect for our clients.


When you join our program, we expect you will promptly contact any leads provided to you through phone and email. We expect you to log this contact through our agent portal.

Hit the register button and fill out the application if this sounds like you. We love to hear about how you work with buyers and sellers to create as hassle-free an experience as possible. Once you fill out the form, we’ll call you if we think you’re a match.

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