YourDRBroker connects people like you with local, hand-selected real estate experts. YourDRBroker focuses on genuine connection, so there are no ads, no sponsorships, and no financial compensation from developers. YourDRBroker agents are on your side, and so are the agents we partner with.

No, you will not. In the Dominican Republic real estate market, agent fees are paid by the seller, not the buyer. You pay nothing for having a professional make your search for a slice of paradise easier. Additionally, YourDRBroker only partners with hand-selected real estate agents. These real estate experts are always local to where you want to live, whether that’s Punta Cana, La Romana, Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata, or any other area of the country. YourDRBroker agents offer a wealth of information and expertise to your search.
Yes, they will. That’s why we find you three local, qualified agents within 24 hours of your request. We connect you with qualified and proven real estate agents who can help you take the next steps with confidence.
YourDRBroker connects you with a qualified local real estate agent for the tour. If you like the agent, you can work with them for the rest of your home search. If not, YourDRBroker is happy to supply another recommendation. YourDRBroker is committed to your home search, and we understand not every agent is a perfect fit for your needs.
Yes, home tours really are free. YourDRBroker ensures there are no additional costs associated with your search for a slice of paradise.
No, you do not need to use YourDRBroker agents to act on information found on the YourDRBroker website. YourDRBroker only requests you interview the agent options before making your decision.
A buyer’s agent focuses exclusively on your needs and is always on your side in any negotiation. We highly recommend using a buyer’s agent as they will have your best interests in mind at all times and have a vested interest in your successful home search. Buyer’s agents do a significant amount of the legwork for you. They research listings, schedule tours, and more. If you try to do it without a buyer’s agent, you have to schedule with each listing agent once you find options you want to tour. A good buyer’s agent will also guide you through the home buying process. It’s in the agent’s best interests to help you through the process and negotiate the best deal for you. These agents also provide local resources you need to buy a home, like inspectors.
Your contact information is only provided to YourDRBroker agents to contact you for tours in communities you want to live in. We do not sell or publish your information.
YourDRBroker does work with sellers, and we do pair you with local, experienced agents. Our focus is on meeting your needs, not the needs of agents. In fact, we aggressively interview all of the agents we partner with to ensure they will put your needs first.
Agents pay a referral fee for each client they work with through YourDRBroker in their communities. YourDRBroker does not accept money from builders, developers, or advertisers.
No, it does not. Real estate agents often save money using YourDRBroker compared to what they would spend to attract you directly, especially in hot areas like Sosua, Cabarete, and Puerto Plata. We base our fees on the industry standards, and it’s in our partner’s best interests to perform well to maintain their status with us.
No, we do not represent a developer or builder. We believe in providing unbiased information free of affiliation or agreement.
No, there are not. YourDRBroker is free to use.

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