After we research your experience, specializations, and client satisfaction thoroughly, we will match you with YourDRBroker customers who need your specific type of help. Every customer profile includes details used to match with agents. As your positive feedback with clients increases, you will have the opportunity to work with more people interested in DR real estate.
Yes. We prefer to work with real estate agents who inspire word-of-mouth recommendations. Our customers want the perfect match for their needs without compromising professionalism and a personal touch. We want to foster long-term relationships between agents and customers, so your track record of satisfaction matters a lot. Your commitment to your clients could net you a few more clients each year through our program.
When it comes to Dominican Republic real estate, YourDRBroker is a quality source of information for home buyers, renters and sellers. New ones connect with us all the time to research properties of interest and find comparables for their own. Clients stay with us because they find the expert advice they need to reach their goal.
While it is possible for any real estate agent to join, we take the time to investigate each one carefully before recommending them to clients. We strive for 100% satisfaction in every interaction, so our vetting process is quite strict. Our goal is a carefully selected group of rockstar agents who deliver only the very best.
No. We never sell the names or contact information of people interested in DR real estate. Instead, we offer a client/agent matching service and referrals. Our free recommendations focus on the unique details of a client’s real estate interests and the agent’s expertise.
Client contacts and conversations are 100% free. However, if you earn a commission from any of the YourDRBroker referrals made, you do agree to pay a reasonable finders fee on that match.
How many client referrals and requests you receive every month depends on many factors. These include the number of clients in your geographic location and how closely your experience and focus matches with their needs.
Since our referral process focuses on specific client and agent details, we may not find a perfect match for you right away. To increase the chance of a match, fill out your profile completely with all necessary details. Specific profiles help us find suitable clients who are sure to appreciate your expertise.

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